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After Your Appointment

Proper post treatment at home care prevents unnecessary issues, reduces ingrown hairs, and improves results.  

For the first 24-48 hours:

  • Avoid friction on the sugared area.  This includes manual and chemical exfoliation, sexual activity (Brazilians & Bikinis only), intense exercise.

  • Avoid excessive body heat and sweating, hot tub, sauna, steam room, swimming, etc.

  • Prevent direct sun exposure to the area with sunscreen or protective clothing.


Between appointments:

  • Don’t shave!  Come see me if the hairs are getting too long for you.

  • Gently exfoliate 2-3 times per week.  I’ll provide you with a loofah mitt at your first appointment.  This is sufficient for some people.  Others prefer to use a BHA or AHA toner and/or a gentle scrub instead of or in addition to the loofah. 

  • Use gentle cleansers and avoid soaps that can be drying. 

  • Moisturize daily.  I’d be happy to recommend my favorite products for the body part and your skin type.

  • If an ingrown hair becomes enlarged or shows signs of infection, talk to your doctor!

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