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Aroma Point Therapy

Essential Oils + Acupoints = Profound Healing of Mind Body Spirit

APT is an innovative, gentle, hands-on method of treatment that allies the potency of essential oils with specific acupoints of the body to activate energetic change.  Instead of using needles like in acupuncture, APT lays pure essential oils on acupoints or body zones to move qi. 

I added APT to my practice to help clients more deeply.  Beauty resonates from the inside out, and in these unprecedented times, we can use incredible amounts of support to maintain our inner spirit and light.  Essential oils have been part of my personal practice for years, and this modality allows me to bring their healing power to you.  It is a form of energy work that can facilitate mental and emotional healing while bringing the physical body into balance.

30 minute mini-session $50 or 60 minute session $80

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